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Before we pack and ship your produce, we grow it for you. We are growers at heart.

Before we pack and ship your produce, we grow it for you. We are growers at heart.

Mehadrin believes in getting things done from start to finish. We truly believe that when your passion is growing the produce, the rest simply comes naturally. 

Mehadrin is Israel's largest grower and exporter of citrus, fruits and vegetables, and is a leading global supplier of the world renowned JAFFA brand. With over 8,500 hectares of agricultural holdings, Mehadrin is trusted by many of Europe's best retail chains. 

In our dynamic world, Mehadrin takes pride in its ability to adapt itself to the frequent global changes as well as the unique demands of each and every client. Our deep integration in every step of the produce's journey from the seed to the shelf allows us to make any change required at any step of the way. Our branches in Sweden, France, Holland, USA and England make sure that we are always ahead of the global market trends and offer local marketing and distribution solutions in the various local regions.

Growing is our passion. Marketing is our profession.

Growing is our passion. Marketing is our profession.

Mehadrin invests great effort and resources in nourishing its fields and in R&D of new and exciting varieties. Over 75% of our fresh produce comes directly from our own groves – groves which we planted, managed, picked and packaged. All for one cause: to make sure our clients receive the freshest produce possible. 

The Mehadrin Group owns 50% of STM Agricultural Export Ltd., an acknowledge industry leader in the export of vegetables like cherry tomatoes, peppers and radish, and 50% of Shoam packing house, which specializes in exports of Mango.

Over the years, Mehadrin has pioneered the development of a quality assurance system in which every step of the production process -from planting through to end consumer- is monitored and documented. The meticulous system enables Mehadrin to track all consignments back to individual plots and growers. Our concept of quality comprises of: environmentally friendly practices, stringent quality assurance measures, social awareness and continuous improvement through research and innovation.

Our Growers

For over the past 60 years, Mehadrin has always believed that the foundations of the company are rooted in the earth of its orchards and the people in the field.
Our fresh produce comes in daily from over 50,000 dunam of agricultural holdings across Israel. The vast majorities of our orchards is owned by the company or are on a long term lease to Mehadrin and are solely tended to by our growers.

A strong family, a strong career

Mehadrin takes pride in the fact that many of its employees have been with the company for tens of years, and at the same time, believes in combining that incredible experience and knowledge with young agronomists who bring progress, innovation and adventurousness.
Our agronomists are graduates of Israel's leading schools of agriculture who start from the field and work their way up. The supportive surroundings and hands-on experience, along with constant professional guidance and training, is our secret to 'raising' the finest agronomists and growers in the world.

Growers at heart

Growing the highest quality produce is our goal. Mehadrin allocates extensive resources towards research and development which includes professional cooperation with leading institutes and researchers. Our growers are continuously involved in field trials and experiments, and work closely with other growers in order to share knowledge and grow the healthiest, tastiest and freshest produce our land can offer.

Mehadrin keeps strict protocols regarding crop protection and aspires to bringing the level of disinfestation to a minimal. Our GPS system is installed in all our field vehicles, allowing us to monitor the crop protection activity in all our fields. Every single one of our fields is closely monitored and meets all international requirements. Transparency in a basic value in Mehadrin and our knowledge and data is openly shared with our clients.

Building partnerships for the future

Each one of the three regions is managed by regional managers, with 4-6 supervisors and 15-20 orchard managers. All our growers take part in advanced workshops at least three times a year in order to 'irrigate' the roots of innovation, research and know-how which we are known for. 

Our growers work closely with leading institutions in Israel such as the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, The Agricultural Research Organization (ARO) – Volcani Center, and the Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Mehadrin proudly hosts a significant part of the joint citrus experiments in its fields with a focus on agro-technical treatment, fertilization, development of new species and more.

Our Services

Packing & Shipping

From the seed to the shelf Mehadrin's strength is in its integration. Since the majority of the orchards are owned by Mehadrin, we have our finger on the pulse every single stage of the way. When it comes to quality control, chemical control and supply, our deep integration from the seed to the shelf allows us to offer the highest quality produce and service at every step of the process.

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Global Presence

from the field to the shelf We take pride in the strong work relationships we have with our clients; a relationship based on our ability to offer continuity in supply, quality and size of our produce. From small retailers through global chains, we welcome all our clients to visit our facilities and experience firsthand our cutting edge development, nurtured orchards and state of the art packing houses.

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Quality Assurance

Mehadrin- One Step Ahead in Consistent Quality Mehadrin is committed to consistently providing its customers with the highest quality products. The company’s concept of onsistent quality encompasses: The finest quality fruit and vegetables The highest standards of customer service

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Contact us

Mehadrin Tnuport Export (L.P)
Mivne Center 
Beerot Yitzhak 6090500
Tel: 972-3-9371301
Fax: 972-3-9371372

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