Mehadrin does not compromise on the quality of its products; providing high-quality products to our customers is at the top of our priorities list.

As we see it, high quality is not limited to the quality of our produce; Mehadrin strives for excellence throughout the supply chain, which is reflected, among other things, in a highly-available and attentive service we provide to our customers around the world.


Mehadrin packs its products in customized, ripening-controlled packaging, custom-tailored to customers’ requirements.

Our packaging meets the highest standards in the world. We make a great effort to use as many consumable and recyclable materials as possible.


Mehadrin has an extensive branch network all over Europe; this enables us to provide produce to customers and retail chains in pre-ordered annual work plans as well as on-spot (ad hoc) orders.

In addition, Mehadrin’s logistics department transports our produce by sea or by air to the Far East and North America.

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