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Mehadrin promotes responsible and sustainable agriculture in all of its farms by conducting the following activities:

Environmental Agriculture Certifications:

Mehadrin promotes environmentally responsible agriculture and conducts environmental activities within its growing farms. Among them:

  • Agriculture waste management programs and increased recycling rates;
  • Continuous environmental checks of irrigation water supply and ground water;
  • Reducing energy consumption and fuels for agriculture machinery;
  • Promoting nature and landscape values activities.

All of Mehadrin crops are accredited by the GlobalGap and Tesco Nature Choice (TNC) standards.

Integrated Pesticides Management (IPM) methods

In order to reduce the environmental effects of pesticides process, Mehadrin invests a lot of resources in R&D and implements advanced integrated pesticides management (IPM) methods, including the following:

  • Replacing the common pesticides spraying methods with alternative environmental-friendly methods such as direct injections to the tree's roots, thus reducing the indirect damage to the environment caused by spraying.
  • Expanding the use of other environmental-friendly pesticides methods like traps or pests attractions materials.
  • Expanding biological pesticides methods which involve use of wasps, hornets and bees to attack the pests, thus preventing any environmental damage.
  • Dispersing futile insects to avoid pests' reproduction.
  • Ensuring the groves hygiene for minimizing the amount of pests.

Mehadrin recognizes the fact that its packing houses and storage cooling facilities have different environmental effects, and works to identify these influence sand conduct the following activities:

Energy efficiency

Mehadrin tracks its energy consumption in all of its packing houses and storage cooling facilities and actively promotes energy efficiency projects with respect to electricity and fuel use reductions.

Renewable energy production

In 2010, Mehadrin acquired and constructed Photo-Voltaic (PV) solar system for the packing house in Ashkelon. The solar system generates electricity directly from the sun and reduces the amount of "fossil-fuel generated electricity" that is purchased from the national grid.
The solar system enables Mehadrin to generate electricity from renewable resource and to reduce its carbon footprint and environmental influence.

Waste Management & Recycling

Mehadrin manages its waste through the principle of REDUCE, REUSE and RECYCLE in order to minimize the amount of waste.
As a first priority, Mehadrin examines the actual need of the packing house in order to reduce the amount of packing materials it consumes to the minimum necessary for its activities. All of the packing materials that were damaged during the packing process are collected and re-usedif possible or sent to recycling via special containers.

Being the leading Israeli agricultural grower and exporter, we aspire to make the most of Israel's natural resources to support our activities, and promote environmentally responsible agriculture. We are committed to preserving these resources, identifying and consistently measuring its environmental influence, minimizing its negative effects and avoiding any environmental damages for the benefit of the public and future generations.

Mehadrin manages all of its business activities, including agriculture, packing processes, storage cooling and distribution according to sustainability methods. We are consistently and continuously examining and measuring the environmental effects in the arena of energy use, water consumption, fertilizers and pesticides use, waste management and GHG emissions. For that reason, Mehadrin has developed advanced environmental performance indexes (EPIs) in order to continue reducing its environmental influence.  

Carbon Footprint Project

Product Carbon Footprint is a method to measure and calculate the impact of our products and activities on the environment, in particular on climate change.
The project relates to the amount of Greenhouse Gases (GHG) released at every step of the supply chain of our products. Mehadrin was the first Israeli company to measure and calculate its products Carbon Footprint using a Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) approach.The carbon footprints of Mehadrin's products were certified for conformity with PAS 2050, the Code of Good Practice by the Carbon Trust, which is an independent third party body operating in the UK.
As a part of the certification process, Mehadrin committed to reduce its carbon footprint.

Corporate Responsibility

Our Vision

In an era of competitive marketing in which we are guided by environmental safety, global warming, quality, health and service, we are all surrounded by a vast scope of solutions for these growing demands. MTEX is guided by its obligation towards supplying the highest quality, freshest and most nutritional produce our land can offer, while meeting the strictest international requirements applied in our field.

Our Goal

The goal of Mehadrin is to deliver growth and profitability over the long term whilst maintaining a commitment to quality and excellence, and adherence to ethical standards and values. As a leading and successful Company in our field, we are conscious of the ability of every employee in the Company to contribute to the Company's achievements and also to the social and environmental impacts we have in every location in which we operate. It is important to us to be a successful company, to be profitable and to satisfy our shareholders and customers, but equally, the way in which we achieve these objectives is no less important. Our values-based management approach has been a part of our Company since its inception. As our business is based on agriculture, it is characterized by a long-term view and solutions which understand and take into account the needs of our natural environment and the use of natural resources. This approach also applies to all our interactions with people and organizations

Our Values

We believe that we can deliver long term profitable business activity which incorporates consideration of social and environmental factors. The Company achieves profitability based on the understanding that ethical and moral behavior contribute to financial success. The values that guide us are: Honesty: Honoring the truth, presenting facts in a proper and balanced way, supplying complete, accurate and reliable information in a timely way. Integrity and Fairness: Keeping promises and acting from a standpoint of fairness and equality to all. Valuing Employees: Regarding our employees as colleagues, consideration of their personal aspirations and support for them in times of need. Considering the needs of customers and suppliers: Respect for the needs of our customers and suppliers alongside the achievement of our business objectives. Long term relationships: Commitment to relationships built over time and valuing the contribution of collaboration with all those with whom we do business.

Ethical code

Mehadrin is guided by its obligation towards supplying the highest quality, freshest and most nutritional produce our land offers, while at the same time meeting the strictest international requirements applied in our field. Furthermore, we consider our workers as our most precious resource and are committed to their wellbeing, safety and the preservation and improvement of their social rights. Moreover, all employees are treated as colleagues and their personal aspirations are taken into consideration and they are supported in times of need. Mehadrin is certified according to the Social Accountability standard (SA8000) since 2004 and listed on SEDEDX and in 2015 adopted the Global Gap GRASP muddle as part of our ongoing aspiration to continue improving in all aspects.

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